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I’m a writer and a reader, a traveller, photographer, and sketcher. Welcome to my site; I hope we will enjoy many conversations.



A bit about each page…

  • “Eclectic Reader”book reviews – My reading tastes are wide-ranging, often involving travel (place) and people (character-driven stories). I particularly like Lorna Crozier (poet) and Peter Mattiessen (prose fiction and nonfiction), but that’s today. I “read like a writer,” ponder and think about exactly what keeps me turning pages, about how authors manage unique and fresh approaches to the handful of usual themes, and what engages me most, what lingers and influences my writing. There’s much to learn from others. Do visit and let’s have a conversation.
  • Writing offers snippets of my creative writing from time-to-time.
  • “Travel & Other Passions”  Home to my travel blog, I include snippets from my travels, including photos and sketches. (My sailing blog: “Adventures Over Land and Sea” can be seen at: Traveller-Kate; it features photos and stories of Caribbean sojourns.) The other passions include poetry and forays into art and photography, miscellaneous articles and so on.
  • “Writing Tips & Workshops” is where you’ll find information about writing workshops and other activities. If you’d like something that isn’t offered, please let me know. References can be supplied.
  • “About” shares a bit about my professional skills and experiences. Email if you want to know more: whiteoakstudio21@gmail.com.