Kathryn crosses boundaries – physical ones through her travels, across genres with her writing, and she explores both photography and sketching in an attempt to discover the essence of people and places.

Besides three published books and a one-woman photo exhibit to her laurels, she has two manuscripts reaching the point of looking for a publisher. Her recent travels include sojourns to Kenya and Tanzania, two trips to Morocco, one to Andalucia, and two to Mexico, the last completed on-again-off-again extended sail across and about the Caribbean over a four-year period. An avid reader and sometimes workshop facilitator, she loves discussing books and encourages people to “read like writers” always asking “How does s/he keep me turning pages?” or “Why do I love/hate that character?” or “Wow, that’s an original trope and where did it come from?” and so on. What draws us and what holds us and, in the end, are we rewarded for our patience and how can we – as writers – do that for our readers?

Other writing includes a blog Adventures Over Land and Sea, sailing the Caribbean from St. Martin to Cuba (for three seasons) and on to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and finally to the north shore Lake Ontario (2014 through spring, 2017).

Kathryn has lived, as she says, many lifetimes and welcomes challenges and change. Some risks have borne more proverbial fruit than others – but no regrets. The best thing about the work, writing, and travel are the people she meets. She wants to meet you, so please take a moment to share your thoughts on her posts.

Professionally, Kathryn is a member of Spirit of the Hills Art Association, Quinte Arts Council, and The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Social media memberships: Urban Sketchers and the photography group Vivian Maier Inspired

Book-length publications:

Calla & Édourd

A Breeze You Whisper

The Farm & City Cookbook